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May 13, 2020

An Ideal Student Mr. Satram Bheel

Village Okrarro is situated in Union Council Buharirri and located in the south boundary of District Tharparkar enter-linked with India border and this range is called as Runn-of-Kuchh. The total 90 households are living here in this village including 504 populations. Mostly people deal the correspondence with Islamkot city with health, business, shopping etc. The Non-Muslim Bheel community is living here in this village from ancestors, the livelihood source of villagers is depending upon livestock and field work, but livestock and field work also depend on rain falling, though the consecutive droughts are at high risk here in Thar-region that is why the above 40% Households migrates to barrage area and cities in drought years for the search of livelihood sources and then they return in the upcoming rain falling season. This is the routine of poor Thari villagers in drought years, therefore the education of their children also suffer more.

The education of this village is not good and also less proper concentration on education activities because people of this village are mostly engaging in labour and livestock related activities and compulsion to migrate in hard season. There is only one Govt. Boys Primary School is available here in this village, where Girls & Boys are studying altogether till 5th class. The 69 students are enrolled here in this School but only one teacher is teaching here and it’s too difficult for one teacher to teach the 69 students from 1st to 5th classes. DDAT field team visited this Village and School for the sake of intervene some education related activities under the UNESCO funded ‘Education’ project. DDAT field team conducted the meeting with School Teacher and SMC members to introduce some extra-curricular activities at School level. In this connection initially it’s formed the “Student’s Club” at School level in the consent of School Teacher.

Fortunately a student Mr. Satram Das S/o Lachhman became the ‘Information Secretary’ of Student’s Club at GBPS Okrarro Bheel. He has a visionary thoughts and voluntary approach in his mind. DDAT team oriented to Students Club members about their roles and responsibilities at School as well as at Village level. Mr. Satram Das keeps in mind that he will play the vital role for the village education that is why he went door to door and collected the data of OOSC and finalized the list of 62 children, who are not enrolled in School and this list is handed over to DDAT field team for further action. This was his first step towards education development and in addition to that he also motivated the parents of OOSC that you must enroll your children in School for better future of village and he also encouraged them at all levels. Mr. Satram Das has a will to work for the education of his village fellows under the shadow of ‘Student’s Club’ with the support of DDAT Organization and School Education & Literacy Department, Govt. of Sindh. He is an active member of ‘Student’s Club’ and performing assigned responsibilities in polite and dedicated manners. DDAT field team appreciated his gentle efforts and encouraged him in front of all students that every student of this school must have same spirit and will to study.