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August 03, 2020


During this global health disaster COVID-19 pandemic, there was no coping strategy except closed each and everything including travel, transport, markets, manufacturing, public gathering, and school. The situation is going to be normal but still educational institutes are closed in most countries including Pakistan.

According to UNESCO, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the closure of educational institutions across the globe has also affected the education of 46.8 million schoolchildren in Pakistan. Millions of young and old learners will be further affected by the crisis in the near future. District Tharparkar is the most deprived district of Sindh Pakistan, and COVID-19 affected the economic, cultural, social, and educational activities vary badly. Due to this pandemic and many hindrance project implementation process is being so slow.

Village Sajai is situated in UC Bhadoor Taluka Diplo, Tharparkar Sindh, DDAT team has identified OOPSCs in this village. According to plan DDAT, the project team conducted training for students’ clubs in this village in May 2020. The aim of the training was to trained members of student clubs on organizing enrollment campaigns by following the ‘Child to Child Approach’.

Mr. Kuldeep Singh is the president of the student club and he participated in that training. He is the student of class 4 at Government Boys Primary School Sajai. During the training, he found very active, committed, and dedicated to the school environment and his role in a student club. He found very disappointed due to the log break of the academic section and trapped the learnings and personal growth of student and the point clicked me when he said, how I say that I passed my 3rd grade when the government upgraded us without examination of class fourth. He discussed the situation and added that there is a strong need to resume academic activities, engage students back to learning by following COVID-19 safety measures and authorities should manage required resources timely.

Mr. Kuldeep actively participated in the training and got knowledge about how to involve students’ clubs in identifying OOPSCs, motivating the parents of ensuring the enrollment of their OOPSCs especially girls. He also learned the importance of COVID-19 SOPs, how to follow the safety measures, and be safe from this epidemic situation of COVID 19.

After the training he conducted a meeting of Student Club and invited most of the students of class 4th and 5th of his village. They established five hamlet level subcommittees for motivating the parents of identified OOPSCs. Mr. Kuldeep added said, these five sub-committees are actively working for this cause. They are following child to child approach and discussing the matter of OOPSCs at public places like communal water point (dug well), community centers, etc. They are wearing masks, avoiding handshake, using hand sanitizer and washing their hands frequently with soap on public places for motivating local peoples, on following COVID-19 safety measures.

Village Advocacy Group and SMCs really appreciated Mr. Kuldeep Singh and his team for these extraordinary efforts. They added being Kuldeep guiding light along the tunnel, he is the hope of village. They shared that no one left behind the school if Mr. Kuldeep and his team will keep continuing their efforts for only two years.