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May 13, 2017

Change is possible with dedicated efforts

A Change agent-Kavita Kolhi President of Student club GBPS-Hamid Ali Paro Village Bapuhar

Village Neto Ji Dhani is situated in Union Council Bapuhar and located in the Taluka Islamkot District Tharparkar. A total of 10 households (95 peoples) are living here in this small village (Dhani). There is no any facility of primary level education in this village that’s why all children of this village were out of school. During the enrollment campaign, the 2018 DDAT team visited the village and conducted village level open community discussion. During the OCD DDAT team introduced the project “mainstreaming out of school children in government schools”. also awarded the community regarding the importance of education after that community got interact and shown their willingness in the sector of education. In that OCD Mr. Jeevraj and his wife Ms. Pari were present and shown their interest to enroll their child named as Kavita (Age-9year and 7 months) After that other participants have also shown their interest to see their children be educated and also shared their difficulty that in our village there is no any school.

DDAT team member Ms.  Khanzadi Kapri encourages the community to enroll their out of school children in GBPS Hamid Ali Paro Bapuhar, this school is located in village Bapuhar which is 4 KM away from your village. She further added that we have already in coordination with respectable teacher Mr. Verseen Mal. He has appreciated DDAT work and suggested to visit your village to identify the out of school children. He also assured us to enroll the identified children of your village with quality education. After that DDAT team members listed down 12 out of school children and verified physically. Among these 12 out of school children Kavita Bai D/O Mr. Jeevraj is one. She was very happy to hear that I am going to educate in school after that DDAT team on 8th September 2018 enrolled all 12 out of school children in the above-mentioned school. Now student Kavita is promoted in class two and also, she is president of the student club and she is performing her responsibilities as president of the student club with full dedication.

After enrollment at the time of student tracking on dated 5th April 2019 DDAT team visited school GBPS Hamid Ali Paro Bapuhar and saw all enrolled 12 children were studying happily.

Teacher Mr. Verseen Mal shared that among these 12 students Kavita is extraordinary, self-motivated and too brilliant to study the weak student in late hours. He further added that Kavita has started a tuition center in her village Neto Ji Dhani where she is teaching to all women and children of the village.

During February 2020 DDAT team again visited village Neto Ji Dhani and met with Mr. Jeevraj and Ms. Pari who felt thankful to DDAT as well as UNESCO in this context that in the era of 2020 it’s too much important to be educated because there is no any value of human being of being uneducated. After all, we are usually going towards harvesting area and totally dependants over this but before interaction with the DDAT team we had not realized to get any change. That’s why our children were engaged in child labor as my daughter was taking care of our livestock (Goats). Now we are happy because all children of school-going age are enrolled and hope they will spend their lives better than us.